Eduardo Rossi-Aunos, photographe Argentine
Eduardo Rossi-Aunos, photographeArgentine

Argentina is a vast country, four and a half times larger than France, situated about 12 hours away from Paris by plane. It covers 3700 km from north to south, and 1400 km from east to west, at its widest point. It shares a border with Chile for more than 5000 km, along the Andes, until the Tierra del Fuego.

You can experience snow-capped mountains and glaciers as high as 5000 m, such as the Aconcagua, the highest summit of the Andes and of the American continent (6962 m high). In this vast region of the Andes, the average altitude reaches 4500m.

Argentina is famous for its capital, Buenos Aires, and also for Carlos Gardel’s tango (born in France in 1890, Gardel died in a tragic plane accident in 1935). It is famous for the pampa and its gauchos, for Patagonia, the glacier Perito Moreno, its vast areas swept by the wind in winter and the Valdes peninsular which is home to an amazing and varied fauna (whales, orcs ,sea elephants and lions, penguins).

It is also famous for Salta, to the north/west, and its train up in the clouds (el tren a las nubes) which will take you towards heights and summits, an unusual experience for Europeans.

Also, along the cordillera, Mendoza has vineyards that produce exceptional wines such as Cabernet, Sauvignon, Malbec and Chardonnay. Many French producers have settled in that area, and produce these famous wines at the foot of the cordillera. In the evening, you can sit at a terrasse and sample the empanadas de carne, beef and chicken turnovers, and enjoy some of the wines, or enjoy a giant barbecue (asado) to discover the exceptionally tasty beef or lamb from Patagonia.  

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